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'Since I've been taking the remedies, I've felt a marked reduction in my daily stress levels.  I've been much more forgiving of myself rather than being hard on myself, and been able to put problems into perspective which has meant I've been more level headed and rational rather than emotional, leading to a much easier existence! Remarkably, I've actually been more productive because I have felt happier and more relaxed.  I've encountered more incidences of generosity and kindness from complete strangers than ever before whilst being on the remedies - perhaps because I'm being kinder to myself other people are too!'

Helen, Monmouthshire

'taking the Bach Flowers made a huge difference. I was much more relaxed and accepted the situation at work and just realised that things didn't matter as much as I had previously thought.'

Elizabeth, Monmouthshire

'I just wanted to thank you again for the remedies you made up for me and my son. From the first drop I felt a huge energetic shift within me and I've managed to make huge progress with moving away from a long standing cycle I have been playing out. Not making the same mistakes again, it's been quite refreshing!  My son has been getting on much better at school and has been unloading a lot of what he had been holding. It's so good to be making progress again.'

Rachel, Herefordshire

'I was suffering from daily anxiety and was almost unable to cope, when Kate prescribed a combination of remedies which calmed my fears and anxiety quickly and effectively.  Now I'm able to operate normally and have no anxiety at all.  I'm so grateful to Kate and the remedies - now I can live confidently again'

Natalie, Gloucestershire

'I initially sought out Kate’s help with the flower remedies because my daughter was overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions as she started adolescence. I quickly found that Kate’s recommendations made a huge difference in my daughter’s mood and well-being. I was inspired to have a consultation with Kate myself. I was diagnosed with lung cancer 3 years ago and it has been a tumultuous journey. Kate’s knowledge and intuition has been a massive support. After experiencing extreme emotions at times I have relied on the flower remedies to help rebalance and foster clarity, confidence and peace.  I have learnt that the emotions play such a massive role in our lives. Thanks to Kate I have a better understanding of the power and integrity of these amazing essences and how they can help heal and balance us in our daily lives.'

Caroline, Herefordshire

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