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case histories


A client came for sound healing to treat an extremely painful chronic neck pain which conventional medication had not been able to help.  We did one sound treatment using the voice, ocean drum and small gong for 1 hour and 15 minutes.  After this we discussed the blockages in certain areas of her body that had presented during the treatment which related to a childhood trauma.  24 hours after the sound healing the client reported the pain being reduced by 80%.  A week later the she was entirely free of all neck pain and has been since.


stress in adults

neck pain

A client came for a treatment due to the symptoms of stress, she felt very agitated and disturbed and unable to concentrate.  She was extremely distracted and felt trapped in her situation and was unable to navigate her way through decisions.  She relaxed deeply during the treatment and afterwards described how all the dominating issues that were circling around in her head prior to the treatment had disappeared leaving her feeling calm and clear.   She felt like she knew what she needed to do in her current situation as the healing had given her a clear sense of direction.

hip and elbow pain

A client came for sound healing due to a recurrent pain in his hip and elbow.  After the first treatment the pain reduced by 50% 24 hours after the treatment.  Subsequent treatments saw the pain decrease further each time, until the pain became negligible after 3 treatments.  Each treatment consisted purely of sounds generated using my voice.

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