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about kate

My path to healing was inspired by my own journey to wellness after suffering for many years with post-viral syndrome and chronic fatigue and numerous other associated health conditions which conventional medicine was unable to address.    Having experienced the direct and powerful effects of both the Bach Flowers and sound healing I now enjoy sharing these healing modalities with others to assist in bringing each person back into balance and to greater connection with their true self.   

I am a fully qualified and insured Bach Flower Registered Practitioner and Sound Healer.  I have  been working with the Bach Flower remedies for over 16 years and am experienced in working with both adults and children. After many years of working intuitively with sound both with people and in the land I trained formally as a Sound Healer with the College of Sound Healing.  The simplicity and effectiveness of both these forms of healing have led to a life long passion to assist others in their healing journey and reaching a greater sense of peace.

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