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Gong Baths

@ Black Mountain Barns, Longtown HR2 6.30-7.30pm

Grosmont (2).png

@ Hereford Yoga Centre HR1 2SF 7-8pm


The Sound Space, Resonant Healing,  Grosmont, NP7 8AF


Gong Baths


Gong Baths are held monthly in Hereford and Longtown on Thursday and Friday evenings and cost £15 per person, to book please use the purple or green buttons above.  Gong Baths are held in Grosmont on  Wednesday mornings. Tickets cost £16.50, to book please use the red button to email me to confirm availability as these sell out quickly due to being smaller group Gong Baths.  


If the Gong Bath event is full then this will be shown over the event image and confirmed when trying to book.  

I am unable to give refunds or transfers if you are unable to attend the gong bath you are booked onto.  You are welcome to pass on your tickets to someone else but please notify me of the change of name. In the rare instance that the session needs to be cancelled a credit or refund will be given.

A gong bath can also be commissioned as part of a specific retreat or healing event/workshop, or for a special occasion such as an anniversary/birthday or personal/group celebration  as it provides a deeply relaxing and meditative experience and can help to support us through the stress in our everyday lives. Please enquire via the contact page for more information.


'Thank you so much for a wonderful sound bath! I absolutely loved it. Do hope you can do regular ones. It was helpful, healing and sublime.' Caroline, Herefordshire

'Thank you for the sound bath - it was awesome - please let me know when the next one is.' Katrina, Herefordshire

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