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case histories

anxiety in children

An 8 year old child was suffering anxiety in the classroom, especially when it came to certain subjects of learning which she found difficult.  Through a consultation with the mother and the child we established which remedies were needed and once the child took the remedies (in her water bottle) whilst at school a marked improvement in her anxiety levels was noted both by the mother and the teacher.  The child became more confident and able to cope with the tasks being requested in the classroom and began to enjoy and participate more in her lessons.


A mother came to me for help with her child who was suffering anxiety due to pressures at school and in a particular the fears he had about performing a key role in the forthcoming school play which he neither wanted to do nor felt able to undertake.  Suitable remedies were prescribed and despite having much anxiety on a daily basis in the lead up to the play before taking the remedies, whilst taking the remedies the child calmly accepted his role and gave a confident and word-perfect performance.

stress in children

stress in adults

A client came for help due to intense feelings of overwhelm, feeling pushed and pulled by life events, family members and taking on too much.   We reviewed suitable remedies and the client took the remedies which she reported had helped her considerably, not only in feeling able to cope with the events/people around her, and reducing the feelings of overwhelm, but as they had showed her what needed to change in order to prevent feelings of further overwhelm occurring thereby addressing the actual cause of the original problem.

temper tantrum in children

 A mother came for help for her youngest child who had been displaying challenging behaviour including extreme temper tantrums and outbursts of anger.  We reviewed which remedies would fit her current emotions and personality type.  Almost immediately after commencing the remedies the mother observed a marked change in her child’s behaviour, the temper tantrums reduced significantly and outbursts of anger were less and the child’s more loving, tolerant nature was restored. 

 A 70 year old client began to suffer extreme anxiety but without any apparent cause. It prevented her from doing things in and outside of the home due to her fears.  She felt very unsettled and uncertain because of it and it was affecting her confidence.  We talked about the nature of her anxiety and how it made her feel and addressed these issues in the selection of her remedies.  Within one week the client was restored to her normal confident self, able to fulfil the activities she normally undertook without any anxiety.  She felt more secure in herself and was able to follow her normal daily activities unhindered by the unknown fear she had experienced before taking the remedies. 

anxiety in adults

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