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Sound and Acupuncture (2)

A 2 hour deep healing session to clear and realign your mind, body and spirit 

  Saturday 22nd April 2-4pm

@ Hereford Yoga Centre, 10 Foley Trading Estate, Hereford, HR1 2SF

This is a restorative and refreshing combined acupuncture and sound healing session, to clear away any stagnant energy and give your meridian system a re-boot whilst receiving the deep healing vibrations of gong and singing bowls.  This double session of acupuncture and sound is designed to support you in cleansing and realigning your mind, body and spirit.  Acupuncture with Merle Hansen will focus on the core hand and feet points and be accompanied by the deep healing sounds of gongs, chimes and crystal singing bowls.  Tickets cost £80 full price but for a limited time we are offering early bird prices of £70 on tickets booked before Wednesday 15th February 2023. Early Bird ticket numbers are limited so early booking is advised to avoid disappointment.  To book your place, please click on the link below :


To book visit:


Heal 3

 A One Day Emotional Healing Retreat for Women

 10-4pm Sunday 5th March 2023

Meet Your Ancestors

Do you have repetitive habits you just can't seem to break?

Do you crave for deeper connection in your relationships?

Do you have mystery physical symptoms that just do not go away?

Do you feel you are carrying a 'weight' that doesn't feel like your own?

You are in an incredible time to finally start to heal the intergenerational struggles that your lineage has carried for many years and at the same time begin to understand yourself and your family on a deeper soul level, offering the opportunity to unravel the key to vibrant emotional, physical and spiritual health. You carry all the answers within you and allowing yourself to lean into your ancestoral wisdom will bring you more expansiveness and joy in your This day will bring you the opportunity to feel into this knowledge with ease, grace and fullness. Now is the time for us to come together to heal your intergenerational past trauma, abuse and pain and welcome in light, expansion and deeper connections helping you to walk your courage, beauty and divine presence into the world now.

So please, ‘come meet, heal and dance with your ancestors ’ in this safe, well held space to explore joy and your ability to connect fully.

Tickets cost £90 full price but for a limited time we are offering early bird prices as follows:  £70 until midnight on Tuesday 31st January 2023. 

To book visit:

This is what people said about our last Heal event:

‘It was a joyful, uplifting day. Where I felt another shift, which was wonderful!’

‘It helped me enormously to get into my body, which typically I struggle to do unguided’

‘Amazingly energizing!’

‘Beautiful, rejuvenating, and above all deeply healing’

‘A wonderful day, felt held & supported throughout. Thank you’

A beautiful and powerfully healing day, one session blending seamlessly into the next for a unique and supported day of rest and fun and women and hearts. The most lovely day I've had in a long while’

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