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with kate clyant BFRP MCSH

When we are deeply connected, with ourselves, others or with nature,  we are at peace.  From this place of peace the infinite possibilities for our lives can be accessed and it is here that the potential for our own healing lies.


Using Sound Healing and Bach Flowers essences I help you to reconnect and to activate your own deep healing, restoring balance and harmony within and without.  Both sound healing and Bach Flower essences can address the cause of an illness or dis-ease, helping to clear any blockages, to bring clarity to the very heart of the issue, so that it may be processed and healed.


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kate clyant BFRP MCSH

I am a bach flower practitioner and sound healer based in Monmouthshire who is passionate about supporting others in their journey of self-healing and transformation.  Through the natural healing modalities of the bach flower remedies which bring subtle but profound emotional support and the healing power of sound which can be deeply transformative, I aim to assist you in reawakening your connection, restoring your sense of harmony, wellbeing and energy for life.  My work extends to the whole of the UK undertaking consultations and healings remotely where necessary, helping people to address the cause of their illness to bring support on the path to health and greater peace.

''For 6 weeks I had suffered terrible chronic neck pain due to rheumatoid arthritis and nothing had helped. 24 hours after the sound healing the pain diminished by 80% and has now gone completely'  Carol, Gloucestershire

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